101 Red Roses in a Pot

101 Red Roses in a Pot
Choose Product Size:
Standard<br />(AED 1,311.00)

(AED 1,311.00)
Deluxe<br />(AED 1,411.00)

(AED 1,411.00)
Premium<br />(AED 1,511.00)

(AED 1,511.00)
Choose Vase:
Clear Vase<br />(Included Free)

Clear Vase
(Included Free)
Green Vase<br />(+AED 30.00)

Green Vase
(+AED 30.00)
Red Vase<br />(+AED 30.00)

Red Vase
(+AED 30.00)


A majestically beautiful arrangement of 101 Red Roses, intricately arranged in a pot makes for the ultimate display of love and affection.In Standard size 101, Deluxe size 125 and in premium size 155 red roses.

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