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Fresh flowers

Our experienced Florists will on a weekly basis handpick flowers and deliver them to your home or office, every week, at the same time.

Free delivery

We offer free delivery to Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman, and will extend the service to other emirates in the future.

Cancel at any time

The service comes with no commitment and you can pause or activate the subscription on our website whenever you want to.

First week is free!

For new customers, we offer the first week of flowers for free!

1. How often do you want your flowers?

Every Week

Get a fresh set of flowers delivered

every week.


From AED 99 per delivery.

Twice per month

Get a fresh set of flowers delivered

once every two weeks.


From AED 120 per delivery.

Once per month

Get a fresh set of flowers delivered

once every month.


From AED 130 per delivery.

2. Choose your bouquet size


A beautiful mix of seasonal flowers for the

desk or kitchen table


A large bouquet, perfect for decorating

your home or office


Impress your guests and visitors

with our largest bouquet

3. Delivery details

Deliver on Wednesdays
Deliver on Sundays

4. Confirmation

Your calculated price:

Select the interval, bouquet size and delivery day to calculate your price!

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