How To Choose The Perfect Color Of Roses For Each Occasion

how to choose roses for each occasion

When getting flowers delivered to Dubai or Sharjah online, you want to send the color that signifies what you really want to say at the right time. At Dubai Flowers, we have roses of every color and not just red roses. We know that roses have different meanings for different occasions, and each conveys its own unique message. If red roses signify love, I’m sure you’re wondering which rose portrays friendship and peace.

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Red Roses For Each Occasion

red roses bouquet for occasion

The obvious and most traditional choice for romantic occasions is the red rose. A symbol of love, passion, courage, and respect, you can’t go wrong with the classic red rose for just about any occasion. These vibrant blooms stand out in any crowd. Even a single red rose can say a lot more than words can.

Perfect occasions: Valentine’s day, birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries and convey your love to anyone.

White Roses

white roses bouquet for occasion

New beginnings, purity, and calmness. The color white is classic and goes with just about any decor and occasion. It is used for weddings and celebrations across the world and can brighten up a dark room or add a touch of floral elegance to a minimal space as well. White roses can signify that you’re sorry, can convey gratitude, and makes them appropriate for various festivities, religious gatherings, and occasions.

Gift them at: weddings, birthdays, christenings, corporate events, and funerals.

Yellow Roses

yellow roses for any occasion

Across the world, people send each other yellow roses to signify their friendship and close bond over the years. The bright, cheerful, and happy color is a great way to show how much you care and extend gratitude, and wish someone good health. Yellow roses are quite rare, making them perfect if you want the recipient to feel special. 

Occasions for yellow roses: friendship day, siblings day, hospital visits, and thank you notes.

Pink Roses

A bouquet of pastel perfection can never go wrong and is a top choice for Mother’s day or any other occasion where you want to make them feel loved. Pink roses are graceful and versatile and compliment even a mixed bouquet of flowers perfectly. At Dubai Flowers, we make sure to add the right color rose to each unique bouquet to symbolize the occasion you choose it for.

Occasions to gift pink roses: Mother’s Day, Women’s Day, Sister’s day, thank you notes, new relationships, weddings

Peach Roses

peach roses bouquet for occasion

Modest, sincere, and classy – the peach rose is unique and adds a touch of sophistication to any bouquet. Go with a full bouquet of peach and cream delights to thank your host, or mix it up with other blooms for a more vibrant look. 

Gift peach roses as: A thank you gift, surprise occasions, friendships, new relationships, showing gratitude, weddings, and at the birth of a new child.

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So which rose will you choose? Roses come in so many shapes, colors, sizes, and fragrances. While each is special in its own way, no two roses are identical. No matter what rose you choose, reach out to our team at Dubai Flowers to find the right rose for your special occasion. Whether you need flower delivery in Sharjah or flower delivery in Dubai, choose a rose fit for the rose in your life.