Types Of Bridal Bouquets

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Best Kinds Of Bridal Bouquet In Dubai

Your special day is coming up and naturally, you would want everything to feel and look perfect. To achieve this the bride must have everything she needs in addition to her wedding gown, we are talking about choosing the right bride bouquet. 

A bride’s bouquet is just as important to a bride’s look as is her dress. While you are busy deciding which dress would be the best, you must plan on what type of flowers, their color combinations, and the shape you would like your choice of bridal bouquet to look like. Depending on what kind of wedding you have planned, be it a traditional wedding or a garden wedding, the type of bridal bouquet suited best may vary. 

Remember, marriage is a special occasion that happens mostly once in your life so you want to ensure that it is perfect in every way and that essential includes an appropriate bridal bouquet. Well, rest easy as you no longer have to worry about making a trip to a flower shop amidst your wedding preparation as you now have the option to purchase the bouquets through an online Dubai Flowers Shop. 

Below are a few types of bridal bouquets to choose from that you can buy online from a Dubai Flowers Shop and ensure smooth home delivery of flowers in Dubai.

A Round Bouquet

So when it comes to choosing a round bouquet, it is the shape that matters. The flowers that make up this bouquet are mostly of the same color, particularly Hydrangeas, roses, and peonies which are organized in a dome shape. 

Round bouquets are best for weddings with a classic setting, the peonies and roses used are beautiful and bring a sophisticated feel to it. They are elegant which makes them perfect for a classic wedding. 

Buying this bouquet can be extremely convenient and efficient if done through the Dubai flowers shop, booking them online can ensure smooth delivery of flowers in Dubai while you enjoy planning your wedding.

Cascade Bouquet

Cascade bouquets are a good choice if you choose to hold a simple wedding. The shape of these bridal bouquets is similar to that of a waterfall where a lot of flowers that are connected to the bouquet reach the floor, multiple flowers that are long stemmed are used like the orchids, calla lilies, and garden roses which help obtain the cascade style.

To make a strong impression it is recommended that the bride keep her dress and the accessories simple. Due to a lot of wiring involved, choosing a cascade bouquet could be expensive and it is advised that an alternate choice in bridal bouquet could be better for budget-conscious individuals. 

There are 2 types of cascade bouquets you can choose from, one being where the technique used is natural while the other is traditional. A natural cascade bouquet uses vines and tendrils made of foliage that are twisted together to achieve its shape, on the other hand, a traditional cascade bouquet also called a teardrop bouquet has a more defined shape to its boundaries. 

So keep this in mind when choosing between going for a cascade bouquet. In the bustle of managing your wedding tradition and activities keeping bouquets in mind can be difficult, to make it easy, you can opt to choose home delivery of flowers in Dubai from an online Dubai Flowers Shop.

Posy Bouquets

Posy Bouquet is commonly a popular choice among the list of bridal bouquets due to their size being small enough to be easily carried by hand. You will often find these bouquets round in shape that is tied around with a ribbon that has kept them in a never-ending style. The flowers found in the bouquets are tulips, roses, peonies, or ranunculus flowers. 

The posy bouquets are mostly made up of flowers and foliage found is generally less or not found at all. They are simple yet elegant that can be used for any kind of wedding but are mostly used for traditional and classic weddings, these bouquets complement a wedding dress nicely and They are also popular among bridesmaids and flower girls. 

So if a traditional wedding is your choice make sure to purchase the bouquets by booking delivery of flowers in Dubai with Dubai flowers Shop.

Pageant Bouquets

A pageant bouquet also known as the presentation bouquet is slightly different from the ones mentioned above. This bouquet is defined by how it is carried by someone. Normally the other types of bouquets are held and kept center by both hands, but a pageant bouquet is cradled in one arm. These types of bouquets are longer and skinnier in shape and are best for a vintage-themed wedding. 

As the bouquets are well suited for a vintage theme wedding, flowers used like calla lilies and delphinium can certainly add a modern touch to it. Along with calla lilies and delphinium you can also find orchids, peonies, dahlias, and gladiolus in the bouquet. 

What was once used as a bouquet for a pageant is now a common wedding bouquet and no one can deny its beauty. If you have planned a vintage-themed wedding, make sure to elevate the bride’s style by booking a pageant bouquet online through the Dubai flowers shop.

Single Stem Bouquet

A single stem bouquet is here to signify the simplicity of a single flower that can give you a much more humble look. While this is a cheaper option compared to the other bouquets, a single flower can add a sweeter significance to a bride’s dress. The options of flowers to choose from are plenty from open peonies and a garden rose to hydrangea and king protea.

Weddings are undoubtedly one of the most important times in a person’s life and it is essential that it is perfect and can be remembered back to without any regrets. A bridal bouquet, while seemingly not that important, can add a lot to making a bride’s wedding day special as it can complement a bride’s dress greatly. 
So make sure to get yourselves the dream bridal bouquet by booking a home delivery of flowers in Dubai with the help of an online Dubai Flowers shop and walk down the aisle with style as you make the step to beginning a new life.