Top 4 Long-Lasting Beautiful Flowers

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Best Types Of Long Lasting Flowers

Best Kinds Of Flowers With Long Lifespans

It goes without saying that fresh sets of flower bouquet make for the best gifts or pieces to cheer someone up or brighten up our home. Naturally, when purchasing flowers, we choose the types and colors based on their suitability for a particular occasion. Still, we rarely think about how long would the cut flowers last in our vases. While there are ways to maintain your flower’s life, there are certain types of flowers that naturally live longer than many of the flowers. The vase life of these flowers won’t matter unless you purchase flowers that are fresh and possess excellent quality for you to enjoy from the start. To ensure this, order flower delivery in Dubai through online shops and send fresh flower to your Dubai home or anyone all over UAE. At Dubai flowers shop, we provide same-day flower delivery in Dubai and deliver only fresh high-quality flowers with an outstanding lifespan. To those that worry about their cut flowers withering down too early, below are some of the types of cut flowers with a long-lasting vase life.


No one can deny the fact that orchids are one of the best flowers that exude unquestionable beauty and elegance. One of the interesting facts about these flowers is that they can grow for up to 3 months, what’s more, is that orchids can live for a very long time even when they are cut. With regular care and attention, cut orchids can last up to 2 to 3 weeks. It is important to note that orchids fare well when kept in cooler rooms, it is also essential to keep them away from ripening fruits as the gases emitted from the fruits will cause your orchids to wither at a faster rate. To ensure obtaining fresh orchids, order flower delivery in Dubai through online shops. Online shops can ensure same-day flower delivery in Dubai and can send fresh high-quality flower to Dubai or anywhere in UAE. So to cherish the long-lasting luxury of fresh orchids, make your order with Dubai flowers shop today.


Unsurprisingly, lilies are one of the most famous flowers in the world. These flowers come in a diverse range of colors, each color represents symbolism that has been culturally significant for a long time. Cut Lilies have been found to possess one of the longest vase life spans compared to other cut flowers. With regular trimming and changing of water, cut lilies can live up to 10 – 14 days. Online shops can ensure convenient and hassle-free same-day flower delivery in Dubai, it is now possible to easily send the freshest flower to Dubai or all over UAE without leaving your home. Place your order for flower bouquet or arrangements at Dubai flowers shop now to relish the beauty and the fragrance of fresh high-quality lilies.


It is hard to deny the temptation of being around fresh hydrangeas as they are one of the most beautiful and vibrant flowers and you can never go wrong by choosing them. Hydrangeas are known to consume a lot of water, refreshing the cut hydrangeas with fresh water regularly will lead to them living for up to 7 to 10 days. Also, what makes hydrangeas particularly interesting is that if dried out, these flowers can last up to a year. In case you want to get your hands on fresh high-quality hydrangeas, it is recommended that you place an order online to ensure same-day flower delivery in Dubai. So head on over to Dubai flowers shop now to purchase tempting flower bouquet or arrangements of fresh hydrangeas that will not disappoint and will be delivered to you at your desired location.


Sunflowers are undeniably one of the best kinds of flowers out there, the power to bring joy to someone or liven up a room with its brightness is unparalleled. There’s more to a sunflower including its beauty, these flowers can also create an atmosphere that is comforting and warm which makes it difficult to ignore its welcoming presence. Sunflowers require adequate care to ensure their survival, by trimming the stems every few days along changing the water regularly, your sunflowers can last for a long time by staying fresh and beautiful for up to 7 to 12 days. It can become quite a hectic task to take time out of your day to find a good flower shop that offers fresh sunflowers. Thankfully, you can save yourselves a lot of trouble thanks to the option of ordering same-day flower delivery in Dubai through online shops to send flower to your Dubai Home or anywhere in all of UAE. So go over to Dubai flowers shop now to get yourselves a flower bouquet or arrangement of this cheerful bloom that is sure to make your day.

Flowers possess the special ability to bring you joy and happiness as soon as you come in contact with them, so you want to ensure this magic lasts for a significant amount of time and with proper care, you can guarantee that your flowers continue blooming in your vase. Also, it is important to note that the flowers you get are fresh to start with. So do yourself a favor and make an order for same-day flower delivery in Dubai now through an online shop to get yourself fresh high-quality flowers. Dubai flowers shop may just be the right choice for you, we offer a range of fresh flowers to choose from that possess a remarkable quality for you to enjoy.