Interesting Facts About Peonies

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Things To Know About Peonies

Things You Did Not Know About Peonies

It is unsurprisingly impossible to ignore the pleasing fragrance along with the delicate beauty of some flowers and peonies are certainly among the best flowers on the list. These flowers are hard to resist and rightfully so. Peonies, along with their unyielding beauty possess the power to make anyone endlessly happy. Peonies have a good vase lifespan as with proper care they can stay fresh and live for more than a week which makes them perfect as cut flowers to choose from for your flower bouquet or an arrangement. 

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The beauty of the peony is loved by all and while we appreciate its beauty and fragrance, there is more to them than we realize. So let us go through some of the interesting facts about peonies that you may not know about.

A Diverse Range Of Peonies

One of the interesting things about peonies is that they can be found in a variety of types, specifically more than 6500. You can find them in different colors from red to violet and they bloom from late spring to early summer, this allows you to find different colors of peonies depending on the season. Like many flowers, peonies bloom better in full sun but there are types of peonies known as tree peonies that fare better in the shade. To get your hands on fresh peonies, make an order for same-day flower delivery in Dubai with online shops. Go over to Dubai flowers shop today and make your order now to enjoy the diversity that comes with a fresh bloom of peonies.

Medicinal Benefits

A peony is among one of the few flowers to possess medicinal properties, many experts have found out that peonies can improve your immune system and they possess mood-boosting properties as well. These healing benefits provided by the flower can be traced back to the traditional Chinese era where peonies were and are still used for centuries to treat health issues like headaches, asthma, liver disease, and more. Along with being used in Chinese methods, peonies are also used in Europe as herbal medicine to treat ailments such as kidney and bladder problems. The important thing to note is while peonies are beneficial in treatments for humans, they can be harmful to animals especially pets like cats and dogs, so it is advised to keep these flowers out of reach from your pets. So get yourselves fresh sets of high-quality flower bouquet of peonies now by ordering same-day flower delivery in Dubai and sending flower to Dubai or all over UAE to your preferred location. Make your order at Dubai flowers shop today and relish the healing benefits of fresh sets of peonies.

Peonies Carry Deep Meaning

Although the blooms of peonies are revered by many for their beauty and undeniable aroma, these flowers also carry a lot of symbolism to them. Peonies commonly represent the message of love which makes them one of the best choices as bridal bouquets as they are also considered good omens for a happier marriage. However, depending on the color or the place the peony is found in, they also represent the symbolism of positive values like honor, bravery, good fortune, prosperity, nobility, respect, and more. So to convey the messages carried by peonies, send flower to Dubai or all over UAE to an address of your choice by placing an order for same-day flower delivery in Dubai. Dubai flowers shop offers fresh flower bouquet and arrangements in Dubai, our high-quality fresh sets of peonies will ensure bringing a joyful grin to your face.

Peonies Get Their Name From A Greek Mythology

The name peony is derived from a greek mythological story. The story is about Paeon, who was a doctor to the gods and a disciple of the god of Medicine Asclepius. Paeon used a peony to heal Zeus which made the god of medicine murderously angry and jealous, so Zeus turned paeon into a peony to save his life. Along with their mythological roots, peonies are rooted in centuries of history as peonies were considered to be national flowers in Chinese history, and also, peonies are historically native to Asia, Europe, and Western North America. The popularity was initially from China to Japan in the early 11th century and spread throughout the west henceforth. So to appreciate the long history of these beautiful blooms, make an order for same-day flower delivery in Dubai today. Dubai flowers shop can help you obtain the best quality of peonies for you to enjoy in the form of a flower bouquet or an arrangement of your choice.
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