Interesting Facts About Hydrangeas

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Interesting Things To Know About Hydrangeas

Things You Might Not Have Know About Hydrangeas

It is nearly impossible to ignore the tempting sight of fresh sets of hydrangeas. These blooms are one of the most popular types of flowers and are easily chosen by many as their choice for weddings along with other occasions in form of a flower bouquet or arrangement. You can find over 75 species of hydrangeas all over the world and they range in unique colors respectively, hydrangeas with their beauty and diversity can keep you happy throughout their long lifespan. 

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While beautiful and sturdy, there is more to these blooms. So below are some interesting things you might have not known about hydrangeas.

Origins Of The Name

The name hydrangea is derived from greek literature, Hydro means water and angos means a vessel or a jar. There is a reason behind these blooms being called hydrangeas, to survive and stay fresh, these flowers are known to consume a lot of water compared to other flowers. Searching for a local flower shop in hopes of obtaining fresh sets of hydrangeas can be challenging for multitudes of reasons, a hassle-free and convenient solution to this issue would be to order same-day flower delivery in Dubai with online flower shops. Making an order with Dubai flowers shop can help you get your hands on the highest quality of fresh hydrangeas for you to enjoy.

Meaning And Symbolism

As is the case with other flowers, hydrangeas are no strangers to carrying deep meaning and symbolism. Depending on the culture and the place these flowers are found in, the symbolism and message vary accordingly. Hydrangeas are considered to be signs of gratitude towards someone in the Japanese culture whereas in Victorian England, it was believed that hydrangeas represented the message of pride and boastfulness. Diverse messages and symbolism can also be derived from hydrangeas depending on the color they are found in, for example, Blue hydrangeas carry the message of forgiveness while pink hydrangeas represent the message of love, and similarly, white hydrangeas symbolize boasting while purple hydrangeas showcase understanding. Appreciate the deep meaning and order same-day flower delivery in Dubai through online flower shops. Head over to Dubai flowers shop and honor the symbolism represented by these blooms.

Hydrangeas Are Poisounous

It is advised that children and pets should be kept well far away from these flowers as these flowers are poisonous, the leaves of these flowers release cyanide which is very harmful if consumed. While you may appreciate the flower’s beauty like many do but it is always safe for your and your family’s best interest to be aware of a hydrangeas nature. While known for being poisonous, studies have shown that the roots of hydrangeas were used by Buddhists as a tea to cure kidney-related health issues which we do not recommend by the way. Well, you can enjoy these blooms if you are careful or do not have children and pets. Practice caution and get yourselves a beautiful flower bouquet of hydrangeas now by ordering same-day flower delivery in Dubai through online flower shops. Dubai flowers shop may just be one for you, we deliver flowers in Dubai that are fresh and possess an excellent quality that will not disappoint.

Hydrangeas Do Not Have Petals

Despite their deceptive appearance of having too many petals, hydrangeas possess none but what you are noticing is known as sepals. Sepals are little leaves that offer protection to the bud of hydrangeas. What’s interesting about these leaves is that they start with green color and develop the popularly known unique colors of blue, purple, or pink as they grow up. Due to this, hydrangeas never fail to grab our attention as we cannot get enough of their colorful beauty. Make sure to grab these blooms at their level of quality and freshness by making an order for same-day flower delivery in Dubai through online flower shops. Go over to Dubai flowers shop and make your order now, we offer outstanding quality hydrangeas in exceptionally elegant forms of flower bouquet and arrangements.

There is charming quality to the beauty of hydrangeas we just can’t resist, having them placed in our homes within our sights is always a delightful treat to witness. Resist no more and bring joy to yourself by placing an order at Dubai flowers shop, we offer same-day flower delivery in Dubai and bring you only the best types of fresh flowers in irresistible forms of flower bouquet and arrangements that are picked by the best growers in all of UAE.