How To Keep Your Sunflowers Alive

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How To Keep Sunflowers Alive

How To Ensure The Survival Of Your Sunflowers

We can think of no better way to bring life and brightness to a room by anything other than placing fresh sets of sunflowers in a place for everyone to enjoy. These flowers are cheerful and can bring joy and uplift anyone’s mood with their presence. Apart from their known beauty, sunflowers are also known for their alternative uses and their ability to clean the various toxins from the world. Finding the best quality of sunflowers in your local flower shop can turn out to be a challenging task, thankfully we no longer have to take time out of our busy lives in pursuit of finding fresh sunflowers as we can easily order flower delivery in Dubai without leaving our homes thanks to online flower shops. At Dubai flowers shop, we offer a wide range of options to choose from and deliver flowers in Dubai that are of exceptional quality that will not dissatisfy. 

A lot of people have commonly found it to be quite tricky to keep their sunflowers from withering at an early stage right after they have bought them, this can be disheartening for many. Well, you no longer have to worry as there is a way to maintain and improve your sunflower’s lifespan and the steps to be taken are pretty simple.  So below are some tips to keep your sunflowers alive and blooming for a longer period. 

Is It Possible For Sunflowers To Survive Indoors

Before we move on to the tips, let’s get the lingering question out of the way. Is it possible for sunflowers to survive in indoor environments? The short answer is, yes they can. Sunflowers can stay alive in indoor environments for as long as 2 weeks, that is with proper attention and regular care. So before you cut them, make sure to water them a lot regularly without fail to ensure their health and freshness. It is important to note that your sunflowers may start to wilt before you pick if the ground they are growing on is dry, so water your sunflowers and let them soak as much water for at least 2 hours before removing them. However, there could be multiple reasons you may not have the chance to grow these flowers in your home, for example, you may live in a home where a garden cannot exist. Well, you no longer have to worry about this issue as you now get fresh sunflowers by booking flower delivery in Dubai with the help of online shops. At Dubai flowers, we deliver flowers in Dubai that are exceptionally fresh and possess a quality that is difficult to find anywhere else in the UAE.

Pick The Sunflowers In The Morning

There is no doubt in our minds when we say that morning is the best time to pick fresh sunflowers, these flowers can dry at a faster rate as the sun keeps shining. To guarantee the best freshness, it is highly advised that you pick the sunflowers in the early moments of dawn as it allows the sunflowers to absorb cool water from the ground at night which prevents the flowers from wilting. Alternatively, you do not have to go through the hassle of growing flowers as you can just order flower delivery in Dubai and online stores will make sure to deliver flowers in Dubai that are fresh right to your requested location. So head on over to Dubai flowers shop today and enjoy the company of the highest quality sunflowers.

Cut Your Sunflower Stems Correctly

One of the important ways to keep sunflowers healthy for a longer period is by being extremely careful when cutting the stems of your sunflowers. Your sunflowers get to consume amounts of water depending on the way you cut the stems, the amount of water consumed when the stem is cut straight will be lower as the tip will be resting on the bottom and block the way for water to be consumed efficiently. It is for this reason, sunflower stems should be cut at an angle so that water can be absorbed more effectively which will allow your sunflowers to remain vibrant for a long period. You no longer have to stress over cutting stems properly as you now get freshly cut sunflowers of the best quality by ordering flower delivery in Dubai through online shops, they can deliver flowers in Dubai without you needing to leave your home. Go over to the Dubai flowers shop now, and get yourselves fresh sunflowers that are sure to please anyone without fail.

Fresh Water

It is not a surprising fact that flowers need water, including sunflowers. Sunflowers consume more water compared to many flowers, this is due to their stems being long. So to prevent them from wilting, it is essential to keep the sunflowers in as much water as possible to keep them hydrated and fresh. Additionally, it is also important to keep changing the water every day to avoid bad odor and the possibility of unchanged water becoming a breeding environment for bacteria. It’s important to start with fresh sunflowers and to obtain them, make an order for flower delivery in Dubai today through an online shop. Dubai flowers shop can help you get your hands on fresh sunflowers that are exceptional in quality. We deliver flowers in Dubai that are fresh and will not disappoint.

We all love being in rooms that are surrounded by fresh sunflowers, but due to various reasons our ability to grow sunflowers from not having enough time to just not having the place that is suitable for their growth. Well, that is hardly a reason to put yourself down today, so turn your frown upside down and get your hands on fresh sunflowers by ordering flower delivery in Dubai today from the convenience of your home. Online shops will deliver flowers in Dubai with unfaltering quality that will make you happy. We have your back in case you are confused about which online shop to choose. Dubai flowers shop is a one-stop online flower shop in Dubai, we offer only high-quality flowers that are picked by the best florists in the world and we deliver flowers in Dubai that are sure to delight. So stop waiting and make your order for the best arrangements and bouquets of sunflowers today.