Amazing Facts About Daisies Flowers

what is the history and facts about daisies

Here in this article, you will know all facts about daisies and the history of that flower. But before that, first, we will discuss what daisies are. Daisies have bright, sunny faces and symbolism linked with cheerfulness, warmth, and fun.

Along with daffodils and tulips, these flowers are representatives of springtime and all the themes bonded to the season of rebirth and renewal. Now it’s time to discuss everything you need to know about the daisy flower’s purpose and rich symbolism, with details on its history and origins, as well as their cultural value across the world today.

History Of Daisy Flower

From around 2,200 B.C., daisies flower were among the flowers that grew in ancient Egyptian temple gardens. These gardens typically accommodated an array of plants and flowers cultivated for their herbal and medicinal properties.

The common daisy, or Bellis Perennis, is a perennial, and it usually features white, red or pink petals and round, green leaves. Today, wide varieties of the daisy are native to different countries.

Kinds Of Daisy Flowers

There are almost 20,000 kinds of daisy flowers, some small and white, some showy and colourful. But the most popular daisy types are coneflowers, gerbera daisies, Shasta and Bellis daisies, African daisies, gloriosa daisies and marguerites. Within each group, there are wide varieties to choose from.

Everyone loves daisy flowers, but with 20,000 types, it won’t be easy to select the perfect one for loved ones.

To assist you in restricting your choices, we have created a list of different types of daisy flowers. You will know some hidden facts about daisies along with some classification info and a few examples of daisies flower varieties from each group.

Coneflower Daisies

This coneflower daisy is amazing, not for the colouring of its flowers, because it has 2 tiers of petals: the ring petals, like other coneflowers, that point down, then an additional ring of shorter petals towards the lid of the ring.

This gives the flower a marriage day look, carried by the rich pink shade of the petals themselves. So, no necessity to say that it would look in a romantic corner of your garden, whether in a flower bed, border or wild meadow.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera is a genus of plants that grow with very showy flowers, which often but not consistently have a ring of the same colour as the outer petals.

The African lily genus consists of about ten species of evergreen plants. This gives them a very pleasing appearance, which has made them popular with gardeners worldwide and florists, who take great pleasure in selling them as cut flowers.

Gerbera daisies flower also add vibrant foliage to their flowers’ beauty and very defined colours.

Shasta And Bellis Daisies

I have combined these two types of daisies, Bellis and Shasta because they have varieties. Still, they are mainly used for prairies, lawns or similar settings, and they have a significant feature in common: they usually have white petals and a yellow disk.

Both are very popular; Bellis is smaller in size, while Shasta also adapts to borders me flowerbeds because it is larger.

African Daisies

African daisies, also known as Arctotis Daisies, are commonly distinct because of their glowing colours and elegant and waxy petals. They usually have few low leaves, allowing the flower to take centre stage in how these daisies present themselves.

The petals have apparent, defined shapes, which makes them one of the most architectural daises on the market.

Gloriosa Daisies

Gloriosa daisies are known to scientists as Rudbeckia; this flower is from North America and has found its home in numerous gardens worldwide, thanks to its sunny colours.

Intense colours that go from dark red to bright yellow in many combinations will remind you of those colourful clothes and patterns that the Aztecs and Maya used to rock.

This plant genus is a member of the Asteraceae family, but it also has a semi-spherical, rounded central disk that separates it from many other daisies.

Marguerite Daisies

The Marguerite daisies flower is also known as the Paris daisy. These daisies flowers have bright blooms and make for exceptional cut flowers, house flowers, or garden plants.

This medium-sized daisy features blooms that span two and a half inches. Marguerite daisies can rise up to three feet tall with green foliage and a shrubby appearance, which makes them flawless for mass planting.

Other well-known daisies varieties include:

  • Barberton Daisy
  • Blue Daisy
  • Butter Daisy
  • Crown Daisy
  • Dahlberg Daisy
  • Feverfew
  • Giant Daisy
  • Kingfisher Daisy
  • Lazy Daisy
  • Livingstone Daisy
  • Michaelmas Daisy
  • Montauk
  • Nippon Ox-Eye Daisy
  • Ox-Eye Daisy

What Does Daisy Flower Means?

Daisies flowers are most frequently used to signify purity and innocence.

These flowers can also be used to represent beauty, love, and fertility, along with motherhood, childbirth, and new beginnings.

They can symbolise transformation and innocence along with true love. This latter meaning is likely attributed to the fact that daisies are formed with two flowers that merge to form one lasting bloom. Daisies come in varieties of colours such as single blue daisy flowers, pink daisies flowers etc.

Why Are Daisy Flowers Special For Gift?

Daisies are the perfect flowers for a quick pick-me-up gift for neighbours, friends, family and extraordinary people. The bloom is a variety of wildflower from the aster family that has long been bringing sunshine to recipients’ lives.

It enables the flower closely resembles the shape of the sun. Receiving daisies used to be a great honour among women. And not because this custom had long been gone doesn’t mean there’s no reason to revive it. Daisies are mainly delivered to sick people.

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Hope you clearly understand the facts about daisies. If you are looking to give these flowers to loved ones, don’t wait for too much; they are perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation celebrations, or any occasion, but they’re incredibly thoughtful for anyone recovering from injury or illness.