Best Flower Arrangement Tips For Beginners

best flower arrangement tips for beginners in dubai

While anyone can throw together a handful of flowers into a vase, there is a little more thought and technique that goes into the art of flower arranging. Dubai Flowers know that it requires a bit of planning and careful preparation to create a beautiful centrepiece and ensure flowers maintain their colour and freshness. Flowers in the UAE, especially need time and patience to be cared for. 

While it is easy to learn how to arrange flowers in a vase and make it look like a professional’s work, there is nothing quite like letting a professional like Dubai Flowers do it for you. Our collection of Dubai delivery gifts and flower delivery in the UAE takes the arrangement hassle out of your flower arrangements. Shop flowers online for a convenient way out. 

When you’re just starting in floral design knowing how to approach an arrangement or a bouquet can be overwhelming. It takes more than adding signature red roses to a vase. But, once you learn the basics, flower arranging can be both fun and simple.

1. Decide A Color And Design Scheme

One way to guide your arrangement is to decide on a colour scheme before shopping for flowers. Start by picking colours that work well together. For an impressive floral design, try complementary colours that will pop against each other. Red roses work well for this.  

Think about what overall style and shape you want to create. Are you going for something light and airy? Or do you prefer a lush, garden-style bouquet? Focus on a single colour palette with a wider variety of flowers, or more colours with fewer kinds of blooms.

2. Prep Your Blooms

The shape of your vase will dictate the final outcome of your arrangement. Choose a vase whose edges can support some leaning stems, but with a height that isn’t too restrictive. Prepare your stems by trimming them to the desired length and cutting the ends of the stems at an angle. Don’t forget to remove any foliage that could get submerged underwater.

3. Start Arranging

For a gorgeous-looking bouquet that could pass off as effortless, gradually build up your arrangement by creating layers of flowers. This technique is perfect for beginners, as it will make arranging them much easier. Put large greenery and foliage in first to act as a base, and then add smaller flowers with subtle colours. Lastly, choose your centrepiece flower to make sure all eyes focus on it. This does not need to be the biggest or brightest flower, but the one which will show off the rest of your arrangement the best.

Avoid placing the focal flowers so they are sticking straight out on the sides: they will look droopy and heavy. Your main flowers are the anchor of the design and will create moments of rest for the eye.

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Fresh flowers can bring life to your table or home décor. With so many varieties available, you can create gorgeous centrepieces for your home or save some money by doing arrangements for a party or special occasion yourself. If you’re planning for a special occasion, then you already have a lot on your plate. Shop flowers online from Dubai Flowers so you can focus on more important matters.  

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If you want to attempt it yourself, use these tips, and with a little practice, you can pull off some one-of-a-kind fragrant pieces that suit your own style. For help from the professionals, contact Dubai Flowers and we’ll love to customize your Dubai delivery gifts. Shop flowers online now.