The Perfect Type Of Flower For Each Room In Your House

type of flower for each room in dubai

Whether you’re getting a flower delivery service in Dubai or a flower delivery in Sharjah, it’s what you do with the blooms after you receive them that truly counts. Some prefer to put them in a vase and display them as soon as one enters the home. Others take their Dubai Flowers bouquet and keep them in their view when they go from room to room of their house. But did you know that certain flowers look and feel better in specific rooms? Read on to find out more.

Different Blooms For Different Rooms

Every home needs fresh flowers. They bring new life and an air of fresh beauty to any space. From red roses to daisy flowers, orchids to lilies – each bloom has a life of its own and its own special requirements as well. Some people want to boast elegance, others opulence, or even coziness – in any case, a flower arrangement as a piece of decoration inside your home can do wonders.

Beautiful flower arrangements can transform rooms into different worlds. From the library to the guest bathroom, every nook should be dressed in pretty petals, the Dubai Flowers way. 

Hallways, Corridors, And Offices

Succulents are hassle-free additions to spaces where you want no fuss and minimal decor. For the entryway or corridor, welcome your guests with some vibrant life. Daisies, lilies, and even sunflowers are some great, joyful choices.

Living Room

For your living room, the most versatile and most visited room in your home, choose flowers that work with your color scheme, the season, and even your personality. Daisy flowers are a great minimal addition to almost any room. Tulips come in a variety of colors that can match whatever mood you are in as well. Choose yellow for the spring and white for the winter, purple in the summer, and red for the autumn.

Dining Room

This is the room to get creative and make a fun floral arrangement to go with your dining experience. Use whimsical, magical hydrangeas, roses, daisies, or sunflowers. You can also choose a mixed bouquet as a beautiful centrepiece for your table.


Most people know that tropical flowers like orchids thrive in the most humid room in the house: the bathroom. The heat and steam emanating from the shower keep this plant hydrated and bright. However, a flourishing orchid also requires a moderate amount of sunlight. Keep the orchid plant near a window sill and not directly in the sun. Also, since orchids are almost fragrance-free, you can indulge and enjoy your scented bath products and essential oils with utmost relaxation.


We love red roses in the bedroom, as it is an intimate space in the house and can add a hint of romance and mystery for couples. At Dubai Flowers, we supply a wide range of red roses and roses of other colors in a variety of arrangements. So, you can find and create the ideal rose flower bouquet for your bedroom.

Peonies and lavender also have sweet, soothing fragrances. These flowers are most fragrant in the morning before their oils begin to fade throughout the day, making for a refreshing way to wake up.

Flower Delivery In Dubai And Sharjah – Dubai Flowers

Now that you have designed and decorated every room in your home exactly how you want it, you need the right finishing touches to make it feel truly complete. A beautiful bouquet of flowers from Dubai Flowers is just what you need. Enjoy flower delivery in Sharjah, Dubai, and all over the Emirates right to your doorstep. 
If you feel inspired and want to uplift your home dècor with Dubai Flowers arrangements, give us a call to discuss your ideas. We’d also be happy to introduce you to our subscription options so you can always have fresh flower arrangements conveniently delivered to your home or office. Flowers delivery service in Dubai and flower delivery in Sharjah made easy and convenient.