Interesting Facts About Sunflowers

Flower Delivery In Dubai Of Sunflowers
Interesting Facts About Sunflowers

Things To Know About Sunflowers

Nothing cheers us up and gives us good productive energy better than looking at fresh sets of flowers and what better way to start our day than waking up to the sight of fresh sunflowers in Dubai? Resembling the sun, these flowers are bright and cheerful with the power to bring joy and life to us and our spaces. Sunflowers originate from North America and have been grown for over 4500 years. While the common notion that sunflowers look tall, yellow, and bright is somewhat true, there is more to sunflowers than just these descriptions. Sunflowers are available in several colors, shapes, and sizes. Your best bet to acquire high-quality fresh sunflowers would be by booking a flower delivery in Dubai through online stores. 

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Sunflowers are some of the best flowers to have around for our floral arrangements. So to expand on our love for sunflowers, let us go through some of their facts to understand them better.

Sunflowers Are Useful

While sunflowers are commonly used as aesthetically pleasing gifts, they also have other uses. Sunflowers can also be used as food due to almost the entirety of the flower being edible from the leaves to its roots. In earlier times sunflowers were milled to create flour while the seeds were eaten while being roasted and to the present date, almost every household uses sunflower oil for cooking. The oil extracted from sunflowers is also used in the creation of dyes and more. Sunflowers along with possessing edible elements still brighten and improve the beauty of a space it’s placed in. So get over to Dubai flowers shop now and book a flower delivery in Dubai to enjoy the best quality sunflowers brought to you right at your doorstep.

Sunflowers Come In Diverse Colors

When we think or imagine a sunflower, the first image that commonly appears is a yellow-colored flower. However, Sunflowers come in a diverse range of colors, we can now get our hands on sunflowers that appear in the color of red and purple respectively.  

Yellow flowers include American giant, Zohar, and elegance. These are the tall and vibrant flowers that people know and love. Yellow sunflowers are the tallest sunflowers as they can grow up to 14 feet.

Roses are not the only flowers that look beautiful in red, sunflowers do too. Red flowers are born of yellow sunflowers and have a head that is similar to that of a daisy which makes an excellent fit for a bouquet.

Purple sunflowers are also known as the chianti hybrid and while people classify its petals as purple, they have a darker shade of red. The flowers have no pollen and can grow as tall as 5 feet, this makes them good for cutting and can balance out a bouquet’s color.

No matter the color, fresh sunflowers still possess the ability to improve anyone’s mood. So make an order for flower delivery in Dubai today through online stores. Dubai flowers shop offers high-quality sunflowers that are sure to brighten up your day.

Sunflowers Track The Sun

One of the most interesting facts about sunflowers is how the bloom always follows the sun. The process is called heliotropism and it follows as the sunflowers follow the sun as it moves from the east to the west. Sunflowers follow the sun only when they are young as the process helps them mature, then they stay facing east as it attracts bees and pollinators. The elegance of a waking sunflower is a sight to behold that never gets old. Finding fresh sunflowers is no longer a difficult task thanks to the option of ordering a flower delivery in Dubai through online stores. Dubai flowers shop contains the best quality sunflowers and can make sure that the flower delivery in Dubai reaches you with no harm.

Sunflowers Can Clean The World

Along with the ability to cheer you up, sunflowers also have the power to absorb harmful toxins that may include toxic metals and radiations. Studies have shown that sunflowers possess the ability to absorb contaminants at higher volumes compared to other flowers. 

Sunflowers have helped many places recover like Chernobyl and Fukushima which were suffering from the radioactive environment, sunflowers are also placed in places that have a high concentration of lead. Keeping a sunflower nearby in your home or office can be beneficial to your health both mentally and physically. 

So to enjoy the health benefits of a sunflower, make an order for flower delivery in Dubai with the help of online Stores. Dubai flowers shop offers fresh sunflowers that are just waiting to move into their new home. You can now create a better environment in your home by having the sunflowers delivered conveniently to your doorstep.
So these were some of the interesting facts about sunflowers you may not have known. Sunflowers possess the ability to make you happy due to their bright nature and enjoying them at their highest quality is what you need and deserve. In a world where being busy is the norm, visiting a physical store in search of good quality sunflowers can be difficult. Fortunately, we can now go online and easily place an order for a flower delivery in Dubai to enjoy the company of fresh sunflowers delivered to our homes. Finding the right online store can be confusing, well no more. Visit Dubai flowers shop now, to enjoy the best quality of fresh sunflowers delivered to your doorstep.