How To Save Money When Buying Flowers In Dubai

how to buy cheap flowers in dubai and save money

The trouble with fresh blooms is that as soon as you start enjoying their radiance and fragrance, they soon start wilting away. For many, it can seem like a waste of money to spend on items that will eventually die. Flowers in Dubai, especially, need to be cared for in a special way to survive in this dry and humid city. There are many flower shops in Dubai and it might seem easy enough to drive up and select your bouquet in person. But by the time you get into your car and drive home, or arrange for flower delivery in Dubai for your flowers in Dubai, they would have already lost their charm.

This is where Dubai Flowers come in. Shopping for flowers online is cost-effective, quick, and easy and we’re here to tell you exactly why and how. 

What Makes Flower Shops In Dubai Expensive?

The most logical and obvious explanation is that flowers are delicate and perishable. It’s not like investing in a diamond ring or a fashion accessory that could last for many years or even forever. These perishable items provide immense pleasure and joy immediately and remind the receiver to enjoy the little precious moments in life as soon as they occur. 

Flower shops in Dubai, especially those undertaking flower delivery in Dubai know that fresh flowers require extremely careful packaging and shipping methods to keep them fresh, safe and intact. It can be expensive to grow and harvest that many rare flowers as well, and importing costs add up too. High-quality cut flowers, often need to be refrigerated during transportation. 

At Dubai Flowers, we have a range of cost-effective solutions for flower delivery in Dubai, even though our flowers are all handpicked and imported from countries like Holland, Kenya, Columbia, and Thailand. No matter where we get our flowers from, we guarantee freshness and optimum quality so you can rest assured your money will be well spent. 

1. Opt For A Subscription Service

If you shop for flowers online regularly then a great way to save on the cost is by using a subscription service. Dubai Flowers offer a subscription to weekly fresh flower delivery in Dubai to keep your space looking its best at all times. That’s one thing crossed off your list!

If you often buy flowers as a gift, buying someone a subscription also means that they receive flower delivery in Dubai all year round. This is more thoughtful than a one-off purchase and will keep your loved ones appreciative every time they receive new flowers.

2. Look For The Free Delivery Choices

Did you know that we offer free flower delivery in Dubai for all orders above AED 350? This is a great way to save money when you can’t deliver flowers yourself! Imagine delivering the flowers a very long distance, then the time spent delivering them yourself might not be worth the money you save. You’ll also need to factor in the petrol cost of delivering yourself. 

In many cases, a florist that charges for delivery could still prove cheaper than one offering free delivery and will be worth every dirham you spend.

Shop Flowers In Dubai Online With Dubai Flowers

Whether you’re organizing a flower delivery in Dubai for a wedding or simply looking to shop flowers in dubaionline to make your workspace look nicer – ordering flowers in Dubai from Dubai Flowers will keep you within budget and happy for longer.

Our online flower shop in Dubai is easily accessible from any device no matter where you are in the world and at any time. The best news? We also provide same-day flower delivery in Dubai directly to your loved one’s doorstep. So what are you waiting for? Shop flowers online from Dubai Flowers now and keep your wallet happy for longer.