How To Care For Flower Bouquets At Home

how to care flowers bouquet easily at your home

It can be difficult to take care of flowers in the UAE. Not only do they wilt easily in our harsh weather, but we also lead such busy and hectic lives that we can’t set aside a sufficient amount of time to tend to nature as well. This is where the gorgeous blooms from Dubai Flowers come in. Our efficient and easy-to-use Dubai delivery gifts allow you to shop for flowers online, and enjoy the sweet scents and colorful bouquets of nature from the comfort of your home. 

Caring for flowers at home is much easier than tending to plants and trees in a backyard, however, as with any living thing it requires patience and love. With the right amount of love and attention, your home flowers in the UAE can continue to blossom healthily for longer.

These fresh flower care tips from Dubai Flowers will help you enjoy your Dubai delivery gifts and bouquets for as long as possible.

1. Choose The Right Vase

choose the right vase for flowers

The first thing to know about caring for your bouquet at home is, that when it comes to choosing the perfect vase, size makes all the difference. In general, the length of the flower stems should not exceed one and a half to double the height of your vase. Check the opening of your vase to make sure there is sufficient support for the stems as well. 

Choose a vase that’s half the height of the flowers so you can enjoy looking at the blooms in full. Use a narrow vase if the bouquet is heavy on the bottom. Your vase has to be completely clean before use and let it dry naturally without any chemicals or dust.

2. Trim And Arrange

trim and arrange flowers at home

The bouquets from Dubai Flowers are already arranged in the most aesthetically pleasing and functional way, so can you use the same arrangement without worry. Fill your vase about two-thirds of the way with lukewarm or room temperature water. Don’t use water that is too hot or too as this can shock some delicate blooms. Make sure the water you use is clean and fresh. 

It is natural for flower stems to dry out after they have been picked, and that is why you need to trim them. Use a very sharp pair of scissors or knife to trim at an angle, and cut away any excess foliage and leaves as well. Leaves should not get submerged under water.

3. Maintain The Bouquet’s Environment

maintain the flower bouquet environment for flowers health

Never place fresh flowers in direct sunlight or near hot appliances. Display your bouquet in an area that is neutral in temperature and that does not get strong gusts of wind as well. We also recommend keeping them away from fresh fruit as the gases released can make flowers wilt even faster.

Change the water every other day and re-cut the stems each time. You can add your own homemade flower food to the water occasionally by experimenting with sugar, lime juice, or apple cider vinegar. 

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Follow these flower caring tips to extend the life of your bouquets, but be mindful that some types of flowers will naturally keep longer than others. Carnations, chrysanthemums, lilies, and orchids, usually stay fresh much longer than dahlias, peonies, roses, and sunflowers

When shopping for flowers online, it is important to keep in mind who is going to care for them and the environment the person is living in. Many people get frustrated by how short-lived a bouquet may be once they get it home or receive a Dubai delivery gift. Freshly-cut flowers are living entities that can be encouraged to last much longer under the right conditions, like the tips we’ve mentioned in this guide. 

Shop for flowers online from Dubai Flowers and enjoy same-day delivery and the highest quality assurance on all blooms and bouquets.