Flowers After The Vase: 3 Tips To Keep Your Blooms Going

what should do with flowers after vase in dubai

So you’ve had plenty of time to enjoy those blooms from Dubai Flowers, and now feel disheartened to throw away the petals? Maybe a special someone shopped for flowers online and sent you a memorable flower delivery in Dubai. If you want to keep those flowers fresh just like the memories they brought you, then you’ve come to the right place. 

From vibrant red roses to succulent white lilies, Dubai Flowers has put together these 3 tips and tricks to help you do something extra beautiful with those dead, dry and not-so-dead-yet flowers.

1. Dry Them The Right Way

dry flowers for art

First things first, you need to get our petals dry while they still have some life in them. Some people simply take the petals and flowers, for example from red roses, and leave them alone for long periods of time to dry out naturally. If you do not care about preserving the colour of the petals, and just want them to get as dry as possible quickly then you can keep them out in the sun. Dubai flowers, in Dubai sun = instantly dry!

If you want to preserve the vibrancy and uniqueness of your blooms then keep them in a dark room so that colours don’t fade. If your flowers are still intact and haven’t fallen off the stem yet, then hang the full bouquet (minus excess foliage) upside down.

2. Make Art Out Of The Flowers

make art with dry flowers dubai

Some popular ways to make art out of your flower deliveries in Dubai include:

  1. Press them into craft paper after flattening them fully under heavy books. These make innovative and minimal art pieces that you can frame.
  2. Preserve dry flowers into a mould using epoxy resin or glycerin to make various shapes and ornaments such as coasters, trays, jewellery and small containers.
  3. String small dry petals together using string and twine to make a necklace, anklet, wreath or garland.
  4. Dry red rose, lavender and other petals can be microwaved and ground down for salt essence and spice mixes, body scrubs and bath soaps.
  5. Reuse loose dry petals as confetti for your next special occasion
  6. Add dry flowers as decor in gift wrapping, greeting cards, invitations or as special bookmarks.

3. Floral Scents Make Plenty Of Sense

make floral scent with dry flowers

Use entire fresh or dried flower heads, red rose and other petals, or a blend of both to create beautiful and fragrant potpourri for your bathroom and relaxation areas. Your potpourri blend should be completely dry so that it does not mould in humid spaces. The quickest way to do this is to bake them in a 200° oven for up to two hours or as needed. 

Add essential oils like rose oil, lemon or lavender oil to the final dried flower parts and leave them alone in an airtight container to absorb the scents deeply. You are now ready to display potpourri in an open jar or bowl in your home or present it as a gift to a loved one.

Shop Flowers Online And Then Preserve Them Forever

So there you have it. If you have a flower delivery from Dubai that is on the verge of dying out, and just can’t bring yourself to throw them away, then it’s time to use these tricks to get crafty. Did you receive a floral bouquet of flower delivery in Dubai for your birthday? Maybe you had the happy occasion of getting married and want to preserve your wedding bouquet. Repurposing your flower bouquets takes just a bit of creativity and a little patience. 

Shop flowers online from Dubai Flowers and you’ll soon have the gift that keeps on giving – new home decor, jewellery, art pieces and even more gifts to share.