Caring For Each Type Of flower - Tips And Tricks

caring for each type of flower best tips

With Dubai Flowers, it is super easy and convenient to get your flower delivery in Sharjah, and flowers delivered across the UAE. However, caring for each different and special type of flower from your Dubai delivery gifts requires extra love and attention. Red roses, tulips, daisy flowers, or lilies – Whatever bloom is your favorite, they come with their own set of rules you need to follow to make sure they thrive. 

We’ll deliver flowers in the UAE, you just need to show them love and enjoy them. Use these tips and tricks tailored specifically to each flower to exactly how.


how to take care rose best tips

Whether they are red roses or white, taking care of these opulent blooms starts with the basics. Gently peel away any discolored or wilting petals from the outside of each bud. Submerge your roses underwater and cut each stem at an angle. This helps remove any air pockets in the stem to ensure that water travels up the stem easier. Prune them regularly to encourage growth, and remove all the foliage that is under water.


tulips flower care tips and tricks

Unlike most cut flowers, tulips continue to grow throughout their vase life, and their stems may even increase in length by several inches. Refresh the water in the vase every two days, and use clean cold water. Display tulips in a cool room and away from direct sunlight. 

Choose a vase that supports at least half of the stem length to keep tulips from bending and trim the stems regularly.


tips and tricks for caring lilies

The stems of lilies require a fresh cut to thrive. Do this often and at an angle to promote healthy hydration. Always use cool, cool water and refresh it every two-three days. Strip any foliage and leaves that will be under the level of the water in the vase, leaving at least four sets of leaves above the water line to provide nutrition to any buds.

Prepare homemade flower food for lilies using sugar, honey, lemon juice, bleach, or apple cider vinegar. Don’t forget to snip the pollen off once each flower blooms to avoid staining, and also to prolong the flower’s life.


orchids flower caring tips and tricks

Orchids love humidity and moisture and can live and thrive and even bloom when grown in a container of water. Cut the orchid stem at an angle to increase the surface area for the orchid to take up water at any angle. Keep them in a bright place, but out of direct sunlight. The bathroom is a great place to display orchids and help them get healthy. You might not need to water them often either, as long as you keep a check on their humidity levels.


daisies flower care tips and tricks

When taken care of properly daisy flowers can last anywhere from 2-3 weeks in a vase arrangement. Keep daisies in indirect sunlight for three and five hours per day. Get rid of any daisy flower leaves that would fall below your vase’s waterline as they can introduce harmful bacteria to your daisies’ habitat.


peonies flower care tips and tricks

If you want to display peonies in a vase, it is important to cut off the stems at an angle. When trimming the stems be careful not to squash the area you are cutting as this can reduce water intake and shorten the life of your peonies.

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